JICAF 2023: Where Creatives and Artists Shine

JICAF 2023: Where Creatives and Artists Shine

Hey, art fans! Come on over! The name of this event is JICAF 2023, which stands for Jakarta Illustration & Creative Arts Fair. No one needs to be told that art shows are great because they let us enjoy all the creativity and value the work of artists. But wait, what if you’re an artist looking for attention? Here comes JICAF, the stage where illustrators show off their work, make connections, and talk about their works in a way that looks like an artsy grocery store.

The Unique Way JICAF Works

Being the new cool kid on the block at the Indonesian illustration show is shaking things up. JICAF wants to change the usual way art fairs are set up and turn them into creative bazaars. “It’s a whole new format for an illustration fair in Indonesia,” said Yoga Prathama, who is in charge of programs at JICAF. The artists are there in person, so people can talk to them, and then artworks are bought right there.

JICAF 2023 is the first chapter.

Imagine that JICAF 2023 is coming to town for the first time, bringing together 75 artists from all over Indonesia, such as Wahyu Ichwandardi “Pinot,” Ardhira Putra, Elicia Edijanto, Stereoflow, Martcellia Liunic, M.Fachturofi “Roovie,” Isha Hening, Kendra Ahimsa, Antonio Reinhard, and more.

The Corporate General Manager at ASRI, Zico Rossano Hansakarya, wants JICAF to become the place where artists and art lovers go to learn and get deep into the world of art.

A global vibe.

Keep your paintbrushes handy, because JICAF isn’t just going to stay in one place. There are acts from six different countries on the mix. Yoga thinks that now is a great time for fans and businesspeople to check out JICAF 2023. “It’s a great chance because many people are coming from outside of Jakarta.” There are people from six different countries taking part. “I believe now is a great time for everyone to network,” says Yoga.

“Behind the Scenes: Artist Choice”

Picture this: 368 artists are putting their names forward for JICAF 2023. It’s like a fight for creativity. Yoga lets it slip that the team had a hard time narrowing the list of acts down to just 44. But what do you know? They cared a lot about being different. Do not repeat or use the same old material. They looked at each artist’s submission to make sure they each brought something new to the table. Let’s face it: art is all about recognizing those one-of-a-kind creative moments.

That’s all you need to know about JICAF 2023: it’s where the cool kids in the art world get together, make a fuss, and show off their awesome skills.